Weekly E-News, Issue #161, May 16, 2006

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High-Profile Companies to Create New Network

Scholastic, NBC Universal, Corus Entertainment, and Classic Media/Big Idea are
joining forces with the national TV distribution systems of ION Media Networks,
NBC, and Telemundo to form "Smart Place for Kids," a new 24/7 digital broadcast
children's network featuring bilingual content for all children. The new
network is due to launch the first Saturday in September and will include ION
Media Network's analog television network plus utilize the digital multicasting
capacity of the ION Media Network's group of television stations; dedicated
Saturday morning time periods on NBC; airtime on Telemundo; a branded Website;
and VOD services. ION Media Networks is 51 percent owner of the new network,
with the content partners having equal equity interests in the remaining 49
percent. Classic Media/Big Idea, Scholastic Media; Corus Entertainment's
subsidiary, Nelvana; and NBC Universal together will contribute more than 1,000
half-hours of children's programming in addition to one original series from
each company per year.

Target Bull's-Eye Goes Couture

Brand Central LLC and trend retailer Intuition launched a new fashion
collection called Targ