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What is License Global?

License Global is the licensed consumer product industry’s leading publication. For more than 24 years, License Global has been an indispensable touchpoint for the licensing industry’s top executives and key decision makers with in depth news, analyses, market trends, daily briefs and live trade show coverage. 

What is licensing?

The definition of brand licensing is the process of leading a trademarked or copyrighted property for use in connection with a product, service or promotion. To learn more, click



How do I submit news to License Global?

To be considered for License Global’s publications, please submit a press release or description of your news and a high-quality image to

[email protected]


What types content does License Global produce?

License Global creates the following content:

• License Global Today newsletter (Monday-Friday)

• License Global Weekly newsletter (Monday)

• License Global European newsletter (Wednesday)

• License Global Show Dailies for

Licensing Expo


Brand Licensing Europe

• FastChat

• License Global (Mandarin) for Licensing Expo Shanghai

Does License Global host events?

License Global is a part of the

Global Licensing Group


Informa Markets

, which organizes trade show events

Licensing Expo


Brand Licensing Europe


Licensing Expo Shanghai

, and the conference

Brand & Licensing Innovation Summit

. License Global is the only official publication of these events.

What type of news do you consider for License Global’s newsletter?

License Global’s reports on news, new deals, licensed product launches, executive moves, acquisitions and mergers and intellectual property updates.

What are your deadlines?

• Newsletters – 12 p.m. PST daily

• License Global Magazine, newsletter or advertorial products – Please enquire with

[email protected]

• License Global Show Dailies for 

Licensing Expo


Brand Licensing Europe

– Please enquire with

[email protected]

• Annual reports – Call for submissions for all annual reports will release via License Global newsletters. Please enquire with

[email protected]

direct for more information. Annual reports include:

  • License Global Top Global Agents Report – Releases in April
    • License Global Top Global Licensors Report – Releases in July
      • License Global Leading Licensees Report – Releases in November

        How do I download content?

        To download content from License Global, you must be registered. Please navigate to the Register button, or if you already have a account, Sign In button. Both are located at the top of the homepage.

        How do I reset my password?

        • Visit homepage and click Sign In.
          • Click the Email icon.
            • Click the Forgot your password link.
              • Enter in the email address associated with your License Global account in the text box, click Submit.
                • Be on the look out for a password reset email from Informa, License Global's parent company.

                  Can License Global give me contact information for a licensor, licensee, agent, etc?

                  Unfortunately, License Global is unable to share contact information, however we are happy to reach out on the requester’s behalf when possible. Please enquire with

                  [email protected]


                  I want to license an intellectual property/brand. Can License Global help me obtain that?

                  Unfortunately, License Global is a publication and does not broker licensing deals in any way.

                  Code of Conduct

                  License Global expects its readership and those it interviews to be considerate, respectful and collaborative. Please refrain from demeaning, discriminatory or harassing behavior or speech. Unacceptable behavior toward individuals employed by License Global, Informa Markets and/or the publication will not be tolerated under any circumstance. License Global reserves the right to take any action deemed appropriate.

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