Domo Heads to the Big Leagues

Big Tent Entertainment is partnering with Plushland for a line of plush featuring its character Domo decked out in college, Major League Baseball and National Hockey League gear.

The plush line will also include slogans from popular cities and theme parks such as I (Heart) New York.

Beginning in spring 2013, campus bookstores, specialty stores and other sports merchandisers will feature the new Domo plush line, which will also include fuzzy dice, cubes, balls and pillows.

“We are excited to be teaming up with Plushland to combine Domo with our fans’ favorite teams and destinations around the country,” says Rich Maryyanek, chief marketing officer, Big Tent Entertainment. “Plushland makes a fabulous product, and we are confident they will deliver an incredible new line for our fans that will give them another unique way to show off their spirit.”