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Editor's Letter


Less, done better

Wheat and chaff are two words we hear a lot of at the moment. And it's not because it's harvest time. It's because there simply isn't room on the shelf for half-baked ideas. It's disappointing that the competition is so fierce, but it also means that properties coming to market right now are, on the whole, well-researched, well-designed and better destined for success than ever before. The effects of this 'less, done better' approach come up frequently in this edition of License Europe; Disney looking to its own characters; retailers working more intensively with fewer properties, and quality new signings from agencies, for example. The Brand Licensing show will also reflect it with exhibitors unveiling a surprising number of brands that are new to licensing, but which already hold a record of success elsewhere. In this issue we also have updates on progress in the licensed food market; some ideas about licensing the 2012 Olympics; a look at one of the first collegiate licensing programmes in the UK and fascinating insights from Disney's Andy Mooney, one of the industry's clearest thinkers and a mean guitarist.

We are also very pleased to have appointed Graham Pomphrey as assistant editor and look forward to introducing him to License Europe's readers.

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