DQE Secures Global Broadcast Deals


DQ Entertainment has signed a slew of distribution deals for its kids’ shows including “The Jungle Book,” “Robin Hood” and “The Adventures of Peter Pan.”

Among the new broadcast partners for DQE shows are:


  • Discovery Children’s for the animated series “Robin Hood” in the Indian sub-continent region;
  • Nick India for seasons one and two of “The Jungle Book,” as well as “Suraj,” “The Rising Star” and “Galactic Football” for the Indian sub-continent;
  • Sky Italia season one of “Peter Pan” in Italy;
  • Rai Cinema for season one of “Peter Pan” in Italy;
  • Escalada for “Iron Man 2” and “Peter Pan” in Malaysia;
  • Simbasat for “Iron Man 2” in Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Mauritius and French-speaking Africa; and
  • 2 x 2 for “Iron Man 2” in Russia.