Vintage Boat Brand Makes iPhone Cases

Chris-Craft, the heritage boat brand favored by Hollywood’s legends including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Elvis Presley, has teamed up with the Dutch designer Miniot for a range of wooden iPhone cases.

The deal was coordinated through the new online marketplace for brands, licensors and licensees, Ship & Duck. The site, which launched this spring, aims to streamline the licensing process and offers an e-commerce site once products are made.

The new line from Miniot features handcrafted cases for the iPhone 5 and 5S inspired by Chris-Craft heritage vessels made of polished mahogany.

The line is now available for sale non-exclusively at

“It is fantastic how, in just under three months, thanks to the co-operation and support of Chris-Craft and Miniot, we have been able to deeply understand the brand’s true essence and bring it to an everyday product such as a iPhone case,” says Francois Carlot, chief executive officer, Ship & Duck. “The whole legacy of Chris-Craft’s 140 years of excellence is now at connoisseurs’ fingertips. Even a mass market product such as an iPhone case can become special and meaningful with an insightful approach to the brand, which ultimately benefits everyone–from brand owners to manufacturers and, of course, to customers.”