Dream Theatre Plans Science Events


Licensing agency Dream Theatre has facilitated a new partnership between Discovery Networks Asia Pacific and ScienceAddaLearning Innovations for a series of educational initiatives in India.

The new partners will create educational pavilions and traveling road shows aimed at de-mystifying science for kids ages 7- to 15-years-old.

The Discovery Kids–ScienceAdda modules will use simple experiments to explain how science comes into play in everyday life.

“We are pleased to be in partnership with ScienceAdda to bring scientific exploration to kids in a hands-on and playful way,” says Rahul Johri, senior vice president and general manager, South Asia, and head of revenue, pan-regional ad sales, Southeast Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific. “Discovery Kids and ScienceAdda will offer child-intuitive learning experiences across the country. The venture fits in very well with the Discovery Kids’ Ignite Your Imagination positioning.”

Branded merchandise will also be sold at the pavilions, and the partners plan to launch a line of hobby kits available through a one-year subscription.

Discovery Kids and ScienceAdda also plan to host Science Conclaves that will be designed to bring science teachers, researchers and students together to better understand science.

“We are proud to be the connecting link between Discovery Kids and ScienceAdda. I believe that if children are given a fun-based platform to education, the joy of learning and the depth of comprehension scales unbelievable heights.  Who knows, we could be nurturing India’s next big scientists,” says Jiggy George, founder and chief executive officer, Dream Theatre.