Random House Plans Grumpy Cat Titles

Feisty feline to grace publisher's classic Golden Books imprint.

Random House/Golden Books Young Readers Group, a division of Random House Children’s Books, is planning a trio of Grumpy Cat titles to be published under its Golden Books format.

The first Grumpy Cat Little Golden Book, The Little Grumpy Cat That Wouldn't, will arrive on shelves July 26, 2016. In the story, Grumpy Cat’s friends and admirers try to get her to try new things and have fun, and each time she is even more resolved to say "No."

Publication dates for the additional two Little Golden Books will be announced at a later date.

“We look forward to introducing Grumpy Cat, who has captured the hearts of young and old, to the iconic Little Golden Books line,” says Chris Angelilli, vice president, editor-in-chief, director of license publishing, Random House Children’s Books. “Bringing together these two popular brands, one steeped in history and one a pop-culture phenomenon, is a truly exciting marriage of past and present.”