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Beanstalk Takes on Blog Brands


Beanstalk has partnered with the digital strategy agency Digital Brand Architects to build a licensing program for the blogs “Bag Snob” and “Mrs. Lilien.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with DBA to expand ‘Bag Snob’ and ‘Mrs. Lilien’ to corresponding product collections,” says Rachel Terrace, vice president of brand management, Beanstalk. “Both brands act as go-to-destinations for inspiration in their respective categories, and we know that consumers will be ecstatic about them bringing their impeccable style and authoritative voices to life.”

Fashion blog “Bag Snob,” one of six blogs from Snob Global Media, has launched a new fashion brand, Snob Essentials. The brand will extend into a range of categories including handbags, denim and footwear.

“Beanstalk’s eclectic experience runs the gamut, and under the guidance of their highly capable team, I look forward to growing our brand globally and fulfilling its maximum potential,” says Tina Craig, co-founder and chief editor, Snob Global Media.

Lifestyle inspiration blog “Mrs. Lilien” features fun reviews and daily tips. The licensing program will leverage the blog’s colorful, exuberant personality in a collection of home, party and fashion products. Beanstalk plans to pursue partners in the social expressions, gift, novelty, tabletop, barware, domestic arts and other home décor and fashion-oriented categories.