Angelina Ballerina Dance Program Comes to U.S.

HIT Entertainment has tapped AB Studio Licensing for a nine-month Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy curriculum that will take place at dance studios across the U.S., beginning this fall.

The dance studio program is inspired by the CG-animated “Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps” TV series, currently airing on PBS and Sprout, as well as the original British books.

“Angelina Ballerina fans who aspire to be like their favorite dancing mouseling will now have the opportunity to learn dance just like Angelina and imagine themselves attending Camembert Academy,” says Julie Freeland, director of live events and attractions, HIT Entertainment. “We look forward to sharing Angelina’s passion for dance by bringing the Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy to dance studios throughout North America.”

Each month, the Dance Academy will focus on a different Angelina Ballerina storybook, with classes teaching beginner ballet for children ages 3 to 6.

Angelina Ballerina’s voice will guide aspiring dancers through their movement lessons, and the program will also incorporate music from the TV series.

Participating studios will have access to an array of Angelina Ballerina posters and signage, as well as costume items such as tutus and mouse ears and placement mats.

Partner dance studios can also elect to host Angelina Ballerina character appearances and a one-week summer dance camp. 

“Children and families know that Angelina Ballerina is synonymous with dance all over the world through her book series and the television program,” says Sam Beckford, licensing director, AB Studio Licensing. “The Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy is a perfect opportunity for studios to attract new students by partnering with a household name in dance.”

The Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy program already exists in the U.K., Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. To date, more 100 studios in North America have signed up for the program.