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Studios Sign On for DreamWorks' M-Go

M-Go, a digital video service launching later this year, has signed licensing agreements with five of the six major Hollywood studios to provide content via digital download the same day as the Blu-Ray and DVD release. M-Go is a joint venture between DreamWorks Animation and Technicolor.

Consumers with the M-Go service will also be able to catch-up on television series and watch back-catalog film and TV shows from NBCUniversal, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution. The Walt Disney Company is studio of the Big 6 that has not yet partnered with the service.

The M-Go service, which launches later this year, is designed to centralize entertainment viewing in one easy place, bridging the divide between viewing platforms, content sources, delivery technologies and devices. Users will be able to watch M-Go content on all major devices and operating systems including Android, iOS and Windows.