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Brand extension is a marketing or brand awareness strategy that is led by partnerships. Whether this is through products, joint-projects or product placement, this is a new way of working with others to get brands in front of their target audience without a traditional licensing contract. 

WHAT IS BRAND XT? Brand XT Front page.png

BRAND XT, (pron. ‘ex: ‘tee) is a special report produced by License Global, and a brand guru’s guide to the world of marketing campaigns, creative collaborations and brand extensions

Get inspiration on how to expand your brand with deep dives into the partnerships and activations that rocked the boat, read how some of the biggest brands in the world positioned themselves through iconic campaigns and pinnacle moments, or gain valuable future trend insights from those in the know.

Providing top level insight, recent collaborations and interviews with brand executives from around the world, Brand XT gives other brands the chance to join the growing collective of professionals driving brand innovation.

In this first-ever issue of Brand XT, discover the latest brand collaborations from Adidas to LVMH, insights and stats into how COVID-19 has affected Corona, spending in China and much more.

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Brand XT highlights include:

  • The Brands that Leveraged Position to Do Good 
  • The Corona Beer Story 
  • The Last Great Conundrum: Influencers 
  • Global Map of Consumer Spending 
  • LVMH: Breaking New Ground with High Concept Collabs 
  • Levi Strauss on the Power of Brand Positioning 
  • The Class of 2020: Adidas Explains How to Create a Brand Collective 

Brand XT is a License Global product, the leading news source for the brand licensing industry, delivering the latest news, trends, analysis and special reports about the latest collaborations. Find out more about License Global or click here to subscribe to our news products.