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License Global speaks with Paul Brunton, founder, The Wyld Bunch, about how intelligent social media partnerships can increase creative avenues in brand licensing and help businesses reach the right audiences worldwide.

Ben Roberts, Content Director

May 8, 2024

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According to The Wyld Bunch, 63% of consumers trust influencers over brands. Pair this with the increasing creativity of brand licensing as a business model, and the opportunities to engage audiences in new and unique ways become clear.

Through its digital marketing agency and social media platform dedicated to brand licensing, Clout, The Wyld Bunch helps brands and intellectual properties connect with audiences through digital platforms. By building a network of micro-influencers, The Wyld Bunch has created an approach that allows brands to channel creativity, create targeted brand engagement, speak directly with communities, fans and families and ultimately win consumers’ hearts.

What is The Wyld Bunch’s role in brand licensing and how do you help your clients stand out?

We bring audiences and market share to brands across digital; what we do is hidden within our name, “Winning Your Likes Daily.”

The Wyld Bunch delivers world-class social media and influencer marketing to the industry. Our aim is to “democratize” these services, making them available and, importantly, affordable to all within the licensing industry. From brand awareness to licensee support, influencer marketing and engaging audience-focused content, we can help every side of the wonderful world of licensing. We cannot wait for Licensing Expo.

How has the brand licensing model become more creative than ever before?

Post-pandemic, I’ve noted many more DTC offerings within licensing, which has allowed some licensees to push what they’re offering fans. I love how Funko offers its legion of fans the chance to create custom Pops! based on their likeness. That’s a brilliant and creative move.

I’ve also seen some great examples of branded partnerships working within the gaming space, such as “Call of Duty” and “Mortal Kombat.” How great that fans can now integrate characters from their beloved movies and shows into their favorite games!

What categories are you seeing becoming an increasingly creative playground for brand licensing professionals?

I love what’s been happening over the past few years in experiential and live brand experiences. It feels like we’re just beginning to scratch the surface of what brands can bring to the sector across multiple audiences. Existing leisure/entertainment-based businesses are finding opportunities to engage with brands to massively enhance their offerings. From a personal perspective, our amazing influencers and creators are engaging with their audiences to amplify these activities in the space with great success.

You work across social and gaming. How is the increasingly digital landscape of the consumer becoming a more exciting place for brands to explore?

Social media is where it’s at. You can’t argue with the fact that there are something like 4.5 billion social media users out there, and that allows brands an enormous opportunity to connect with large audiences interested in their brand, product or niche – as long as you have the right team and tools to connect with them. Enter The Wyld Bunch. Our partners see how effective influencer marketing can be for their businesses. We don’t advocate celebrity endorsement; instead, we work with micro-influencers who, generally speaking, have an audience somewhere between 10-50,000 followers. This approach allows for trustful and authentic conversations between fans and creators beyond more traditional mechanics. From preschool parents to pop-culture fans, gamers and beyond, we’ve highlighted audiences across social media that we can connect with fans of our partners’ activities, ultimately delivering awareness, engagement and conversion at scale, affordably and measurably.

What are the key trends you’re seeing in the increasingly creative world of brand licensing?

Personalization and customization emerge as pivotal trends influencing the trajectory of brand licensing. Present-day consumers seek products and services tailored to their unique preferences, requirements and principles. Additionally, they desire involvement in shaping the presentation and delivery of their beloved brands. I also feel that fans are willing to spend more if they know the product has been thoughtfully crafted and is in tune with the brand’s values. A formulaic print on a T-shirt lifted from a style guide just doesn’t cut it these days.

What does the future look like for brand licensing and extension, and how is The Wyld Bunch contributing to that future?

From a Wyld Bunch perspective, we’re so lucky to work with creators and influencers who understand social media intimately. This connection gives us great insight into audiences’ behavior and trends, which we can then share with our clients and positively impact their activities within the brand licensing/fandom/social space.

The licensing industry has, by and large, moved on from the bad old days of badge slapping onto existing products instead of focusing on creative value, which is great. I love to find time to walk the many shows throughout the year and get a glimpse of some of the amazing products and innovations licensees are about to share with fans. Forza licensing!

The Wyld Bunch will be exhibiting at Licensing Expo (booth O246) May 21-23.

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