Dino Dan Stomps into New Territories

The Licensing Shop has appointed three new sub-agents for Sinking Ship Entertainment’s TV series “Dino Dan” and announced three new licensing agreements for the brand.

Kopa Licensing Group will represent Dino Dan in Central America, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and the Dominican Republic; Empire Multimedia is taking on the brand in the Republic of Korea; and Popcorn Entertainment will help bring the brand to Portugal.

The new sub-agents join a growing list of Dino Dan representatives around the world, which also includes Vega Brands (Brazil), Team Licensing (Germany and Belgium) and Stella Projects (Australia and New Zealand).

In addition to the new agency appointments, The Licensing Shop has also announced three new Dino Dan product partners.

In two deals brokered by Vega Brands for the Brazilian market, Regina Festas will make Dino Dan party goods and Editora Online has signed on for activity and coloring books. In Australia, Stella Projects brokered a new deal with Goldie Marketing for a line of toys, puzzles and games.

Aimed at 4- to 7-year-olds, “Dino Dan” is a CGI and live-action adventure series that centers on Dan Henderson, a 10-year-old boy whose uses his imagination to bring dinosaurs to life.