Where's Wally? Expands in France

Zodiak Kids Consumer Products Paris has secured a variety of new French licenses for Où est Charlie? (a.k.a. Where’s Wally?) in celebration of the brand’s 25th anniversary.

This fall, Ravensburger will launch a new 500-piece jigsaw puzzle under its Nathan brand as well as a new board game, while Gründ will put out its 100% Charlie box, filled with trivia and general knowledge questions for the whole family.

Collector specialist Leblon Delienne will offer Wally fans a complete series of figurines in different sizes, as well as Wally key chains.

In January 2013, Beaumont will unwrap its new line of gift paper and gift bags.

Embassy is developing a full range of Wally t-shirts for all ages as well as underwear, nightwear and accessories.

A French Facebook page was launched this year and is proving to be great vehicle for promotions and recurring contests, as well as increasing the brand’s awareness with older age groups.