Walmart Researches Toy Buying

Walmart’s Talking Holiday Toys Survey, conducted by GfK, found that 68 percent of kids said they would clean their rooms daily for a year, and 84 percent would work hard and give up playtime to get their holiday toys. Only 23 percent said they would eat spinach for a year.

The Walmart-commissioned survey also found that price is the most popular factor among parents when choosing where to shop for Christmas toys.

Other interesting tidbits from the survey:

  • Nagging works. The top response parents named for buying a specific toy is that their child asked for it repeatedly. Similarly, when kids were asked what they think is the best way to ensure they get the toy they want, the most popular response was to keep telling Mom or Dad over and over again. 
  • The top toy gifts parents want to give their kids are educational, but dolls and action figures top kids’ wish lists.
  • While the majority of kids think their behavior impacts the amount of holiday toys they get, 78 percent of parents plan to buy the same amount of toys for their children regardless of how naughty or nice they’ve been throughout the year.
  • Nearly twice as many kids as their parents say they found their gifts before the big morning (23 percent vs. 14 percent).