Beanstalk Forms Legends Division

New division will oversee the personality rights of legendary icons.

Beanstalk has formed a new division–titled Icon Representation–that will represent the personality rights of legendary icons across licensing, advertising and more.

Martin Cribbs, who has joined Beanstalk as vice president of brand management, will lead the division.

The new division will represent the personality rights of legendary icons for use in advertising, promotions, licensed products and long-term brand associations. The service will also provide clients with access to rights holders, quick turnaround of rights clearances and transparency of fees.

Additionally, prior to joining Beanstalk, Cribbs was the head of licensing for Universal Music Group’s Bravado division and oversaw licensing for Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Michael Jackson, among others.

“Featuring a legendary icon in a campaign is a wonderful and powerful way for brands to align themselves with renowned influencers to drive their underlying brand message,” says Allison Ames, president and chief executive officer, Beanstalk. “Seeing an instantly recognizable face of someone who has made a deep impact on our culture makes us all pause for a moment to reflect and watch. This is a powerful vehicle for brands aiming to capture our attention with the right message. Beanstalk’s Icon Representation offers trusted business expertise to the families, estates and foundations of these beloved icons, while streamlining access for agencies and brands as their create their advertising campaigns.”