Hasbro Plans New 'Beyblade' Toys

Following record-breaking viewing numbers in France, Hasbro is planning new products for “Beyblade: Metal Fury,” launched on France’s Gulli TV channel Sept. 5.

Hasbro France will launch two new products in October–a Beyblade Destroyer Dome and a Beywheelz range based on the upcoming spin-off series, “Beywheelz:  Powered by Beyblade.” Hasbro’s Beyblade tops have been the No. 1 toy in France for more than a year.

Other new partners for the brand in France through agent Lagardère Active include Jedessine.com (online colorings), D’Arpèje (sporting goods), MC & Co (confectionary), SchoolPack (back-to-school) and Pimchou (stickers, arts and craft).