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Sons of Anarchy Gets Cigars


Meier & Dutch has released a limited edition collection of Sons of Anarchyinspired cigars and cigar accessories, as the series makes its season six return to FX.

Created in partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products, the line is inspired by the gritty themes of the TV series.

The line includes limited edition premium cigars, lighters, cigar cutters and leather cases featuring the Reaper logo.

Sons of Anarchy by Black Crown cigars are made in Honduras.

“Building on the merchandise success for Sons of Anarchy, we continue to explore new categories and product opportunities that not only appeal to the expansive Sons of Anarchy fan base, but also reflect the overall lifestyle of the show,” says Roz Nowicki, executive vice president, global sales and retail, Fox Consumer Products. “We are proud to partner with Meier & Dutch for a merchandise program that is truly unique to the series.”