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ToyMonster Debuts ‘Jurassic World’ Toy Range

The toy company has unleashed brand new “Jurassic World” toys.

A new range of “Jurassic World” toys are headed to market. The Jurassic World Captivz Slime Egg and Jurassic World Zoom-Riders ranges will launch in Australian stores this month, marking the toys’ worldwide debut.

The range offers more than 15 original edition Pop N Lock dinosaurs to find initially, including rare, ultra-rare and limited-edition metallic species, all roaring to hatch out of captivity. Each dinosaur comes with a “Jurassic World” authenticity stamp and collector’s token to unlock battle play.

Fans can unwrap, crack and ooze their way through slime to reveal their mystery dinosaur Pop N’ Lock figure, identify their species and then challenge friends to battle rounds based on aggression or intelligence powers.

“With so many species to consider and unique battle attributes within the ‘Jurassic World’ universe, we wanted to bring a new level of play to dinosaur fans that provides premium detail, the ability to gamify the collecting experience; all while celebrating the power of the franchise,” says Claire Carroll, global head, brand and marketing, ToyMonster.

The first Captivz Original Edition release features the most popular species from “Jurassic World” to-date, and the range will evolve over coming seasons to include never-before-seen dinosaur species and new innovations in the line in the lead-up to the release of Universal Pictures’ “Jurassic World: Dominion.”

Also zooming into stores soon is “Jurassic World” Zoom-Riders – the latest pull-back powered cars, featuring six dinosaur species to collect, which are perfect for race and battle play. Just pull them back, and watch them zoom. The collection includes Velociraptor Blue, T. Rex, Triceratops, Mosasaurus, Ankylosaurus and Indominus Rex.

The toys will be available in Australia this month.

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