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Aurora World Appoints YooHoo Licensing Agent in Brazil

Brand House Licensing has been appointed to represent YooHoo in Brazil.

Brand House Licensing will manage licensing for YooHoo across the entire Brazilian market for three years. The deal went into effect December 2019.

“Aurora’s success with YooHoo plush has made this one of the world’s best-known children’s brands,” says Lena Vettoretti, director, Brand House Licensing. “Now, with the arrival of ‘YooHoo to the Rescue,’ it is enjoying even more success. We are delighted to be working with the YooHoo brand in Brazil and certain it will attract strong licensee interest here.”

Brand House Licensing represents several globally popular brands in the region such as The Beatles, AC/DC, Frida Kahlo, Mia and Me, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden and Annie.

“Brand House has a strong reputation in Brazil and has already done good work with YooHoo at Expo Licensing Brasil,” says Jay Noh, director, content business, Aurora World. “We are looking forward to continuing this successful relationship in this important market as the popularity of the YooHoo brand grows, driven by ‘YooHoo to the Rescue.’”

The news of the Brand House appointment comes as Aurora continues the rollout of a new YooHoo plush range, and a renewed plush toy line based on the new series is underway across many other categories. There are several products ready for launch in territories worldwide from a number of licensees including Panini (stickers, mini figurines, trading cards), Nuvita (baby products), Kennedy Publishing and Media Zawada Services (magazines) and Dev Games and Tap Tap Tales (digital apps).

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