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License Global is Here for You

While the state of the world fluctuates with each passing hour, License Global is here to remind you that our commitment to our ethos – to be the industry’s thought leader – remains. We are here to support you and your business during this time of unprecedented uncertainty and challenge. We are here to tell your story.

These are some wild times we’re living in, aren’t they? 

It’s an unprecedented environment. The stores are closed. The movies theaters have gone quiet. THERE IS NO TOILET PAPER.

But yet, we, collectively, are here. We’re in our home offices – at least those of us able to work from home. We’re holding the line at grocery stores and mom and pops. We’re making deliveries by Instacart, Amazon, Doordash and all of those brave souls armed with hand sanitizer working because they have to and demand is high. Our hospitals are staffed by true, bonafide heroes; and our businesses, social life and ability to gather vital information is now fueled by an unseen network (that’s the internet, friends) that is a need, not a privilege. 

And we, License Global, are here. We’re here to bring you news, because right now, business can’t and hasn’t stopped.

We’re here to tell you about the news that keeps this industry buzzing – product deals, partnerships forging and the thrum of chatter we hear around our now virtual office.

There are bright lights out there, and they can be seen from the ground and from space.

For our industry in particular, there is no doubt that hardship is being felt from all corners. But in the long-term, this situation too can viewed with a silver lining. For a business built on relationships – relationships to brands, to IP and to each other – the short-term slow down and couch surfing, not to mention time spent (hopefully well) with family and those close, is allowing us to deepen those relationships.

And if the world is to take a different turn, we’ll be here for that too.

License Global is here for you. We want to hear your stories, learn about your news and share your wins right now more than ever. We want to help lift up this business we love so much in a time when things are looking anything but uplifting, because we believe that this is not our “always,” it’s just our “now.”

We are still here. We want to keep you up to date. 

Please reach out and send your news ( or connect with our team personally. We’d love to say hello, send a virtual high five and tweet your good word.

Connect with us on social (Twitter: @licensemag, LinkedIn: License Global Magazine, Facebook: License Global,) email me direct at or visit our website. 


Our editorial team: 

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James Dohnert, Content Editor –

Ben Roberts, Content Editor, EMEA –

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Stay safe, healthy and lead with kindness, 

Amanda Cioletti

Event and Content Director, License Global, Licensing Expo and Licensing Leadership Summit

Informa Markets

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