Critical Role, WizKids Ink Product Deal

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The popular digital media brand is going to the next level with new product offerings.

WizKids, a manufacturer of pre-painted miniatures and tabletop games, has announced a partnership with Critical Role, the story-driven and worldbuilding digital media brand. WizKids will debut product offerings from the expansive world of Exandria beginning Q1 2021. 

The deal was negotiated by Critical Role’s licensing agent, Jason Kletzky, president, Collaborations. Collaborations is a full-service licensing agency based in Los Angeles, Calif.

"I've been a rabid collector of WizKids' minis for... well, a very long time, and to be able to work directly with them to bring the denizens and dangers of Exandria to life for everyone to use is beyond exciting," says Matthew Mercer, chief creative officer and cast member, Critical Role. "They bring such skill and expertise to their work, and this upcoming collection really captures the characters and atmosphere of Exandria. I think fans of Critical Role, as well as players new to our world, will greatly enjoy this opportunity for deeper play, collaboration, and imagination."

At launch, fans can expect to see monsters and Player Characters (PCs) to enhance their own adventures in the roleplaying game set on the continent of Wildemount. Included in these is Critical Role’s Game Master Matthew Mercer’s deluxe “gargantuan” size, pre-painted Udaak.

“In this new line, we’ve focused our releases on the player’s experience while in the world of Exandria,” says Patrick O’Hagan, executive producer, RPGs, WizKids. “This way, we hope to empower players to create their own story and experiences with this thrilling roleplaying game.”

Through this partnership, players can expect to see additional releases in the coming years that span various continents in the world of Exandria, including products and RPG accessories like premium pre-painted and unpainted miniatures in tiny figures all the way up to gargantuan and more. All packaging comes with a clear window, so fans can see exactly what they are getting on the store shelf.

The first six box sets of premium painted figures will release in spring 2021 and will be available at Friendly Local Game Stores (FLGS) worldwide. 

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