LazyTown Gets Active in Oz


Australia’s Healthy Kids Association has teamed up with the children’s entertainment brand LazyTown to promote healthy lifestyles during the country’s Fruit&Veg Month.

The educational initiative, which is also supported by the NSW Government, will take place in schools across the country throughout September.

“LazyTown” currently airs on ABC 4 Kids in the region.

Among the activities included in the program are nutrition-specific classroom exercises, eating and education gatherings for communities and competitions that incorporate healthy eating.

"Eating habits formed in childhood stay with us for the rest of our lives. Children are influenced everyday by their environment. We're privileged to have LazyTown's support to help spread our message. It is critical we educate our children about healthy food today, for the benefit of Australia tomorrow," says Jo Gardner, chief executive officer, Healthy Kids Association.

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