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Jamie and Rebekah Vardy Unveil First Storybook for Children

The Vardy’s range of storybooks will be aimed at children aged 3 and upwards.

Jamie and Rebekah Vardy have inked an agreement to launch their first range of children’s illustrated storybooks, with the first title going on sale around the annual occasion of World Book Day 2022.  

“It’s been a pleasure working on this new title and format with Jamie and Rebekah Vardy, and our editorial team,” says Matthew Reynolds, managing director, Little Brother Books. “With our experience of current kids trends and the important message the B.U.G. team are sharing with kids and parents; we are certain this first book will be loved by children but trusted and respected by parents. We can’t wait to see it hitting bookshelves from February 2022.” 

Brokered by London Entertainment in partnership with U.K. publisher in children’s and annuals, Little Brother Books (LBB), the deal sees the family-focused couple embarking upon their first storybook together. A similarly new venture for LBB, this is the first time the business has created a storybook, and with celebrity couple.    

Filled with illustrated pictures, the Vardy’s range of storybooks will be aimed at children aged 3 and up. Their first release is titled “Cedric the Little Sloth with a Big Dream.” The Be Yourself Guardians (B.U.G.) are the central characters to each book, with every title having a different storyline and never-ending B.U.G. support.  

“Working on this book together has been a dream for us,” says Jamie and Rebekah Vardy said in a joint statement. “We aren’t writers, but we are experienced parents, and we know which messages we care most about instilling into our children; it isn’t about having to be the best or winning at everything, but is about trying your hardest, being happy and going after your dreams. We kept going over the list of topics that we felt passionate about, and we just kept coming back to the same one – just be yourself. We want children and their parents or guardians to realize that with the right words of encouragement and positive thoughts, they can achieve anything that they want to. It also means being whoever and whatever you want to be. Our dream is for the Be Yourself Guardians (B.U.G.) to become identifiable characters that boost children’s confidence, ease their anxieties and help them to believe in themselves through these storybooks. LBB put us together with an amazing writer and illustrator to guide us through this process. We’ve shown the drafts and sketches to our children throughout, so it’s been a real family affair and we hope that readers love the first book as much as our family does.” 


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