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Azerion Welcomes ‘Teletubbies' to the Metaverse 

Wildbrain CPLG/Azerion Stills from the 'Hotel Hideaway' and 'Habbo' "Teletubbies" collaboration, which include Tinky Winky, La La, Dipsy and Po.
"Teletubbies" items will be available in-game for players to use. 

Azerion, the digital entertainment and media platform behind "Habbo" and "Hotel Hideaway," is welcoming the "Teletubbies" to the metaverse in celebration of the brand's upcoming 25th anniversary in 2022.  

Under a new partnership with WildBrain, owner of the "Teletubbies," the collaboration will include the exclusive release of virtual products in "Habbo" and "Hotel Hideaway" on Dec. 14. Products available with virtual currency include "Teletubbies"- branded avatar onesies based on Dipsy, Tinky Winky, Laa-Laa and Po, and custom furniture, including the Tubby Toaster, Custard Machine and Noo-Noo the vacuum cleaner, for players to decorate their rooms in the game.  

"We're excited to work together with Bare Tree Media and WildBrain CPLG on welcoming the iconic 'Teletubbies' into our virtual worlds," says Madelon Smittenaar, manager, business development, Azerion. "This partnership demonstrates the many possibilities when it comes to brand partnerships and immersive experiences in this space. The values the 'Teletubbies' embody will resonate with the diverse and inclusive communities of 'Habbo' and 'Hotel Hideaway.'" 

The Teletubbies brand partnership and launch are managed by Bare Tree Media, a leader in digital engagement for brands and the global digital licensee of Teletubbies, in collaboration with WildBrain's leading licensing agency WildBrain CPLG.  

"We're thrilled to bring 'Teletubbies' into the metaverse in the form of virtual goods for avatars and virtual spaces within 'Habbo' and 'Hotel Hideaway,'" says Robert Ferrari, president, Bare Tree Media. "The nostalgia that 'Teletubbies' evoke as true pop culture icons is a perfect fit for the game demographics, and we look forward to further releases throughout 2022." 

"This is our first venture into the metaverse with the Teletubbies, and we're excited to see how Gen Z fans engage with the brand in a new and unique way," says Jasen Wright, vice president, North America, WildBrain CPLG. "This is just the start of our 'Teletubbies' 25th-anniversary celebrations with a raft of new partners and executions expected next year that will continue to bring the beloved brand to life for fans."  


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