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Alpha Animation Unveils New Brand

Miximals” will debut with a robust assortment of toys and 20 mini webisodes, which will be hosted on YouTube.

EUROPE–Alpha Animation and Toys is gearing up to launch a new brand, entitled “Miximals,” with a series of collectibles and webisodes.

Launching with more than 30 characters, the “Miximals” line will feature unique hybrid animals such as the Bumblecat (a cat, bee hybrid) and the Bunnicorn (a rabbit, unicorn hybrid), and will include collector packs, mobile mix-up vehicles and more.

The “Miximals” brand will also debut 20 mini webisodes, hosted on YouTube. The first six episodes will launch in early February, with the remaining rolling out throughout the spring season. The launch campaign will also include TV, digital and social marketing.