Disney Commissions High-End Mosaics

Disney has tapped Miami-based gallery Artwork Partners to create a new line of art mosaics featuring classic characters like Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck, as well as scenes from films such as The Lion King and Mulan.

The line of mosaics, made of colorful inlaid stones using the Italian pietra dura technique, will range in price from $650 to $6,580, depending on the size of the artwork.

The mosaics come in a variety of forms ranging from wall art and tabletops.

"For the baby-boomer generation, Disney collectibles are an investment in their childhood because they grew up with these stories and messages,” says Merrie Lasky, global sales manager, Sanders Art Studio's, which will distribute the pieces. “These items also appeal to the high-end collector, whether their interest is art or Disney."

The line of Disney mosaic items is available now through Sanders Art Studio, at the Artwork Partners studio and on Disneystores.com.