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Animation Insight Report 2020

Animation Insight Report 2020
The animation category transcends just about every demographic imaginable.

From Japanese anime to preschool shows and situational comedies, animation is made for everyone these days. Disney makes hits for “children of all ages,” and Fox runs a block of animated comedies every week. The diversity of the content’s fans and supporters speaks to the vast scope of the vertical’s licensed merchandise opportunities. Not to mention, a renaissance of quality content is available like never before.

Now, in 2020, the wide scope of animation is evolving even further as consumer viewing habits transition to streaming. Companies like Netflix are continuing to push for new animated content, and Disney+ has brought the House of Mouse’s beloved franchises to streaming. Viewers can also now watch their favorite animated content from a variety of devices. This widespread availability makes it easier than ever to catch up on new franchises and provides a gateway to establish the next great brand.

This report will highlight how changes in the way consumers think about animation and how they digest it are creating new opportunities in licensing. Download report:

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