Beanstalk Takes on The Tyrant

King Midas World Entertainment and The Beanstalk Group have announced a licensing representation agreement for The Tyrant, a brand based on the protagonist of the book, The Seven Sins: The Tyrant Ascending.

“The Tyrant has great potential to become a franchise with several inherent brand qualities for licensing success, as well as the book series, movie development, social media and comic projects,” says Michael Stone, chief executive officer, Beanstalk. “There’s an epic quality to the concept of The Tyrant that makes the property very interesting and unique with an enduring and motivating lifestyle component accessible to a broad base of interests, ages and demographics.”

KMWE recently announced plans for future books in The Tyrant series, and comics and graphic novels are currently being developed in conjunction with DC Comics. KMWE is also developing opportunities in motion pictures, gaming, and social and interactive media.

“We have partnered with one of the best global brand development agencies in the business, one that shares our vision for The Tyrant,” says Fabrizio Boccardi, investor and chief executive officer, King Midas World Entertainment. “Beanstalk has helped build some of the most recognizable brands in the world, and we look to create that same reach and brand awareness with The Tyrant through a variety of licensing programs and product categories.”

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