Selfridges, Zion Rootswear Jam for Bob Marley Collection

The exclusive 14-piece collection Bob Marley collection is available now.

Zion Rootswear and Selfridges have announced the launch of an exclusive 14-piece collection inspired by the spirit and ethos of reggae legend and cultural icon, Bob Marley, during U.K. Black History Month.

The collection is comprised of five t-shirts, two long sleeve tees, three hoodies, a denim jacket, a pair of jeans, a cap and a beanie. Each item in the collection features images of Marley including a picture of the artist-activist being stopped by the police, and his words “Stand Up For Your Rights,” a slogan drawn from his track “Get Up, Stand Up.”

“Daddy’s message of love, courage and unity is so relevant right now,” says Cedella Marley, Jamaican singer and daughter of Bob Marley. “A moment in time that to this day seems unthinkable yet is so real. This collection is something special and to have it launch during Black History Month, makes it that bit more important to us, a perfect time to reiterate the essence of my father’s legacy.”

The collaboration was brought together by Bravado, Universal Music Group’s merchandise and brand management company.

“Bob’s legacy extends far beyond his timeless music,” says Daved Bridges, creative development and special projects manager, Bravado. “We’re honored to continue to play a part in delivering his message to the world through inspired, meaningful and stand-out ways.”

The limited edition collection is available now in store and online at and

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