Agents Join Forces

San Francisco Bay area licensing agents Dimensional Branding Group (DBG) and Panic Entertainment Groupe are merging their businesses. The merger will allow the combined companies—to be known as Dimensional Branding Group—to deliver a blend of licensing and marketing expertise to the IP equity in iconic toy and game brands, technology, publishing, and entertainment properties. Larry Seidman remains CEO and chairman of the new venture, while John Leonhardt, founder of Panic Entertainment Groupe, will become the company’s new president. Marsha Armitage-Bristow will serve as executive vice president of licensing. DBG will manage licensing rights for brands including BBC Worldwide and its new property, The Secret Show; Big Wheel; MoMA Modern Kids; Whac-A-Mole; Jenga; Skee-Ball; Roy Rogers; Colorforms; Pee-Chee; Chronicle Books; Quirk Books; and Worst Case Scenario.