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‘SAW: The Experience' to Open in London

The location-based entertainment experience allows players to have tangible effects on their own narrative, as well as other players on the journey with them.

Ian Hart

October 13, 2022

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“Saw: The Experience"
“Saw: The Experience".The Path Entertainment Group

Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures have partnered with The Path Entertainment Group, the team behind London’s ‘Monopoly:’ Lifesized, to announce the launch of “Saw: The Experience". The immersive, narrative-driven escape room experience will open in London later this month, just in time for Halloween.  

In keeping with the theme of the “Saw” films, the experience allows players to have tangible effects on not only the narrative of their own experience, but also the experience of other players on the journey with them. Choice, consequence and living with your actions will be core to ensuring “Saw: The Experience" is authentic and true to the franchise that fans love. 

License Global was invited to sample some of the games and walk through the story, which visitors will get to experience when it opens on Oct. 27. Fans of the franchise will be aware of the theme of morality which runs through the movies and players will be immersed into that story immediately as they enter the building. 

“What's appealing about ‘Saw’ is whilst on the on the face of it seems likely incredibly gruesome blood-thirsty horror experience, there is actually a moral compass involved and some level of redemption and decision making around and what you have done in the past,” says David Hutchinson, chief executive officer, The Path Entertainment Group. “We’re trying bring that experience to our audiences and make them immediately implicit in that experience and then asking them to gain their way out of it.” 

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Situated beneath railway arches near the Tower of London, the building adds authenticity and immersion to both the story and the experience itself, as trains rumble overhead adding to the tension. Tobin Bell, the star of the “Saw” franchise, returns to voice John Kramer, A.K.A the infamous Jigsaw. Players are welcomed by characters and given a back-story as to how they find themselves in the predicament they are about to face, before the games begin… 


Will you earn redemption through trials designed to test your teamwork, or will your moral compass betray others to ensure your own survival? Make your choices. Live with the consequences.  

This has been a concept that has been in the pipeline for a while, with the initial aim of producing something that was more than simply an escape room. It had to be about the story, which is why the appeal of “Saw” was so strong. Like Monopoly: Lifesized before it, the concept “Saw: The Experience" is based on teamwork and communication, so it is ideal for corporate events, groups of friends or, for the real “Saw” experience, solo players. The experience caters for up to 24 people at a time, split down into groups of six, who all interact and impact on each other’s games as they progress. 

Julia Posen, director of content, Path Entertainment Group, told License Global that one of the aims was to find an IP of a brand that really resonates with a wide audience. “’Saw’ was the perfect brand. It's got multiple movies, it's a billion-dollar franchise. Lionsgate is very committed to it. It's got heritage, but also room for future growth, there are further movies in pipeline, which is also very important for us because it's important that you have many elements and stories that we can embed into the experience. 

“I think there is a real hunger for people to experience their favourite IP, rather than just watch. People want to get involved with it in a different way. Location based entertainment allows you to really take your interaction with an IP to another level. We've always worked really closely with the IP owners, Hasbro for Monopoly and Lionsgate for ‘Saw’, to try and bring another dimension to it. You don’t have to wait for the next movie, you can actually live and breathe it.” 

“Saw: The Experience" is being brought to life by a highly experienced creative team that includes Tom Beynon, creative producer on behalf of The Path Entertainment Group; Filipe Carvalho, creative director; David Pizarro, set designer; Luke Swaffield, sound designer for Autograph Sound; and John Coman, lighting designer from Woodroffe Bassett Design. Gameplay consultancy and show control are by Clockwork Dog. Parts of the design of the set have been replicated from the movies and will be familiar to fans of the franchise. 

The Traproom provides a themed bar experience to reward players brave enough to complete Jigsaw’s trials, featuring a collection of some of his most fearsome traps throughout the franchise. 

Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures recently announced that the next chapter of “Saw” will arrive in theaters in time for Halloween 2023 on Oct. 27, 2023. With its global box office passing $1 billion last year, the franchise continues to expand the world of Jigsaw for fans on and off the screen.  

Watch the “Saw: The Experience" trailer below. 

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