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Burberry, Tencent Play Co-op with Virtual ‘Honour of Kings’ Deal

Burberry Tencent.png
New interactive Burberry content is coming to the popular game in China.

Burberry has partnered with Tencent Games to create interactive content for the video game “Honour of Kings” in China.

The deal follow research from both Tencent and Burberry which indicates growth in interest in online games among younger Chinese consumers. Burberry believes that China’s fashion-forward, digital-first customer is the ideal audience to explore virtual products through the online games.

“Online games are a platform on which we can tell brand stories in ways that we know really resonate with our customers in China,” says Josie Zhang, president, Burberry in China, Burberry. “Introducing elements of Burberry’s house codes into one of Tencent Games’ environments allows customers to engage with the brand in more novel and freeform ways. Just like Burberry’s founder, we want to empower our community to explore their surroundings, whether it is online or offline.”

For Tencent, the deal brings the company a unique opportunity to bring a non-endemic brand into the gaming world. The company reports that it looks forward to similar partnerships in the future.

“The project signals a unique joint point where the East and West cultures have found a way to merge and create together,” adds Mars Hou, vice president, Tencent Games. “I’m sure we will surprise everyone with something really different and looking forward to the day when you can see what we’ve created in 2021.”

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