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Rubik’s Solves Rubik’s Cube App

The app allows fans to learn how to solve the legendary puzzle.

Rubik’s has produced the world’s first Rubik’s Cube official app.

The app uses phone cameras and artificial intelligence processing to track a real 3D Rubik’s Cube and enhance the on-screen video in real-time, with arrows ‘painted’ on the Cube’s tiles to help teach how to solve it.  The app also has audio and visual clues to help solve the puzzle, share tips to improve solve times and record players while they solve the cubes.  

“The Cube has fascinated fans for four decades and I’m the first to admit that the puzzle can be challenging,” says Christoph Bettin, chief executive officer, Rubik’s Brand. “Research supports the view that solving a Cube links brilliantly with the teaching of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), and this high-tech app captures this while creating fun and excitement.” 

Within the new app, users can learn how to solve the Rubik’s Cube in multiple ways. There is a choice of learning to solve the Cube in either the simplest way possible, which is called the “Rubik’s method,” or the fastest way, which typically takes only 20 moves.

In addition, the new Rubik’s Official App, available initially on iOS, also includes games with a virtual Cube, so fans can learn by swiping a finger even if they don’t own the Cube. The app will also allow them to keep track of their solving times and allow them to share the information digitally.

Rubik’s new app comes out during the 40th anniversary year of the classic toy brand.

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