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Rubik’s Goes Digital for 40th

Rubik’s Brand celebrates milestone anniversary with digital launches.

Rubik's Brand is helping puzzle fans solve its popular Cube, offering downloadable and mobile-friendly solution guides on its website and social channels.

Rubik's YouTube channel also features videos to suit all skill levels. Several Rubik's ambassadors, including Keaton Ellis from the U.S and Jack Cai of Australia, have been recruited to assist people on the topic of solving Cubes as they broadcast to the Rubik's social channel's on Fridays, with the hashtag #FastFriday.

 "We quickly learned at the start of the lockdown that solving interest was at an all-time high by those choosing to occupy their time with learning a new skill," says Christoph Bettin, chief executive officer, Rubik's Brand. "Very quickly, the term #CubeAtHome was seen by more than 17 million people on the TikTok channel, and this spread to other social media platforms with #AdventureEveryTurn hitting 2.1 million views in just one month. We amplified social channel interest with a new campaign called 'Adventure Every Turn,' which encouraged Cube fans to view solution guides and enjoy the challenge of unraveling a scrambled cube."

Rubik's Cube was officially introduced to the world in 1980. Nearly half a billion Cubes have been sold to date. This year is set to be a breakthrough year for the brand, with more than 20 million Rubik's products being sold globally. 

Rubik's has formed several partnerships outside of the usual games and puzzles categories, with team-ups with Super Impulse and McDonald's just announced earlier this year.

On July 29, a documentary about the Brand, “Speedcubers,” is set to premiere on Netflix. It follows the story of two speedcubing legends – Feliks Zemdegs from Australia and Max Park from the U.S. – who participate in a championship competition.  

 "Face-to-face events are on hold for reasons of safety and social distancing but we've seen a phenomenal growth in digital engagement," adds Bettin. "This change in circumstance has seen a massive growth of interest in puzzles and games, together with a yearning for nostalgia. The 80's is now a decade admired even by those too young to experience it the first-time round. We will continue to celebrate during the anniversary year, when events that were hitherto 'in person' may well be adapted to online experiences. You cannot beat the power of face-to-face gatherings, but we look forward to providing exciting interactive alternatives."

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