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Peppa Pig, a brand treasured by people both big and small, has teamed up with companies in various genres to commemorate two decades of fun, learning and growth.

Alex Markovich

December 15, 2023

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Peppa Pig ‘Peppa’s Big Day’ Video Game, Hasbro
Peppa Pig ‘Peppa’s Big Day’ Video GameLeapFrog, Hasbro

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  • A Big Celebration Calls for a New Way to Play and Learn
  • Dressing Up for a Big Party
  • It’s All About Synergy

Hasbro’s IP, Peppa Pig, did not start out as a global brand. The character was originally created for a British preschool animated television series in 2004. But as many children found the series’ storylines relatable and engaging, Peppa Pig quickly acquired a massive following. And now, as 2023 comes to a close, Hasbro is only a month away from Peppa Pig’s 20th anniversary. Working tirelessly with partners and collaborators to create a variety of new toys for the occasion, fans of Peppa can look forward to a new year that cherishes Peppa Pig’s growth from a television series to a global household brand and preschool rite of passage.

Claire Gilchrist, Hasbro

A Big Celebration Calls for a New Way to Play and Learn  

One of the several partners Hasbro has been working with for the anniversary is LeapFrog. The companies recently joined forces to come up with a video game console that allows learning to be fueled by a child’s natural urge to play, so it would increase children’s desire to come back to the gaming system to learn hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, visual perception, letters and sounds. The companies also wanted the console to fully embody Peppa’s style that children know and love and give little ones a way to be totally immersed in her world.  

And truly, no better union could have been formed to tackle such a project, as Peppa Pig and LeapFrog have education as a central part of their DNA.  

“Hasbro has been a great partner to work with,” says Andrew Acerbo, senior producer, LeapFrog Enterprises. “Their vast knowledge of Peppa Pig’s world paired nicely with our expertise in developing age-appropriate learning games. And after long months of brainstorming and designing, we produced LeapFrog Peppa Pig Peppa’s Big Day video game console. The games on the console are designed around key locations and adventures from the series and have a variety of different play patterns that are sure to appeal to any child.”  

Made with a modern flair, no web connection, downloads or account setup is required. Plus, the easy setup makes the console perfect for young kids that are three years old and up to play puzzle-like games, freeze dance, rhyme, play in the mud and go on field trips with Peppa on the console.  

Coupled with the natural act of winning and losing games, the console also allows children to comprehend the difference between emotions further and strengthen their emotional awareness. For instance, when a child loses a game, they can learn how to process their feelings. When a child wins a game, they can build up confidence and self-esteem and experience joy.

Peppa Pig’s Cruise Ship, Hasbro

Dressing Up for a Big Party  

Hasbro is not only celebrating “Peppa Pig’s” 20th anniversary through games. The renowned toy company is building new products in multiple categories, and two of them are costume play and toy playsets.  

Giving children the gateway to role play as Peppa Pig characters, Disguise, a leader in costume play, and Hasbro specially crafted toddler costumes of Peppa’s brother, George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig.  

“Disguise understands how important Peppa is to families and preschoolers, and it’s been wonderful to work in conjunction with Hasbro on this beloved brand and costume line to celebrate Peppa’s 20th Anniversary,” Jennifer Gracia, senior director of brand management, Disguise.  

The choice to participate in costume play caught Hasbro’s attention because the company knew it would help fulfill Peppa’s mission of making learning fun and enjoyable. The costumes allow children to create and act out any scenario that comes to their imagination, encouraging them to practice language, communication skills and behavior in a familiar and comfortable environment. On top of this, when children play together, it enables them to engage in teamwork, cooperation and sharing. For example, if two kids want to play “Teacher,” they must decide who will be the teacher and who will be the student.  

Everyone can also look out for Peppa’s cruise ship playset online and on retail shelves, which, according to Hasbro, is quickly becoming a favorite toy with fans. Each playset is equipped with a three-level cruise ship, 13 accessories and three characters, giving young ones the creative power to take their favorite characters on any sea adventure they desire.

However, one of the best parts of the cruise ship is its ease of travel. Kids can lock up the accessories and figures inside the cruise ship and take the set anywhere.  

“If the kids want to have a cruise ship adventure inside, outside or in the bath, they can do so,” says Claire Gilchrist, vice president, North America and Pacific licensed consumer products, Hasbro.

Disguise’s Peppa Pig costume, Hasbro

It’s All About Synergy

As Hasbro has been working with these companies to create state-of-the-art toys and costumes, it has prided itself on being a company that strives for true partnership as it continuously makes an effort for licensees to be seen as an extension of the Hasbro team. “It is important for us to do everything together – go to retail, co-brand and market together and live on each other’s social media platforms,” says Gilchrist.  

“It’s one of the many reasons why ‘Peppa Pig’ has grown to be a brand that is loved all over the world and why the year of 2024 will be the biggest anniversary celebration ever.”

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