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‘Beyblade’ Anniversary Content, Products Announced

The content and products aim to celebrate “Beyblade’s” 20th anniversary.

Japanese IP specialist ADK Emotions NY has unveiled that archived episodes from the global anime and toy franchise “Beyblade” have debuted on the brand’s official YouTube channel. The classic Generation 1 content is now available to watch on demand, kickstarting a celebration for the brand and laying the foundations for its 20th anniversary in 2021.

With weekly classic episode drops in both English and Latin American Spanish, the brand’s YouTube channels are reconnecting with the fandom. All of the episodes are being promoted by a social media campaign that serves both “Beyblade” demographics: long-time fans and a new generation of fans keen to discover the classic content for the first time. The Beyblade Geeks, long time “Beyblade” YouTubers, have also come on board to release a special episode that will give fans a chance to dive into the storylines and concepts of Generation 1. 

Buoyed by the social media buzz generated by the classic content campaign, ADK Emotions NY will be releasing brand new Beyblade Generation 1 apparel which will also be available this summer on Amazon. In September, a “Beyblade Burst” digital EP featuring the series theme songs will be released on all major digital distribution platforms including Spotify, iTunes and Google Play Music.

“Beyblade Burst’s” successful year will be crowned by a digital activation in the fall, which will bring together both “Beyblade” influencers and fans alike. Stay tuned for more details as we celebrate yet another thrilling year for “Beyblade Burst.”

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