Speedway GB Revs Up Licensing

Go Speed International has tapped 360 Licensing to extend its Speedway Great Britain motorcycle racing brand.

The news comes on the heels of a  five-year broadcasting deal for the motorsports brand with Sky Sports.

“Speedway is a really exciting sport, with an ever increasing fanbase in the U.K,” says Wayne Russell, licensing manager, Go Speed International. “Especially with the Sky Sports deal, now feels like the right time to step things up a gear and embark on a full, strategic licensing plan.”

360 Licensing will handle worldwide rights for the brand for everything except broadcasting. Licensees will be able to use all the club names in the licensed leagues, stadium and venue names and the names of club team riders.

“Speedway is one of the most popular motorsports in the U.K., and with the new Sky Sports deal, it’s only going to grow in the future,” says Alan Shorrocks, licensing director, 360 Licensing. “The sport is on the cusp of mainstream success. The new season kicks off in March, and we’ll be working with Speedway GB in the run up to develop a detailed licensing program. We’re already looking at merchandising and toy options that we think will work well for Speedway GB.”