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Story at Macy’s to Launch ‘Feel Good’ Theme

STORY at Macy’s has unveiled its latest retail concept in partnership with Well and Good.

STORY at Macy’s has unveiled its latest theme, dubbed “Feel Good,” in partnership with media company Well and Good. Three curated spaces will decorate each of the 36 store locations with a Macy’s Story.

The partnership focuses on wellness as a whole and will use merchandise curation and events to explore ways to find balance, energy and nourishment.

“Well and Good decodes and demystifies wellness to help our community live a healthy lifestyle in a way that works for them,” says Alexia Brue, co-founder, Well and Good. “Partnering with STORY at Macy's allows us to share our rigorously researched editorial content in a new and exciting way, giving people in-person tips to feel more balanced, energized and nourished.”

Products and areas of focus include getting a good night’s sleep by “cooling down your bedroom” alongside the dodow, a glowing timer that teaches you to fall asleep. Additional tips cover topics like the benefits of dark chocolate, relaxation techniques and how to maximize your crystals. Well and Good also supports STORY’s merchandise curation by leveraging its 2020 Wellness Trends to inform product selections like snackable chickpeas.

To bring the “Feel Good” experience to life, STORY has added meditation spaces in partnership with the “Calm” app at all locations and a range of community-centered events focused on wellness. The concept will host events featuring local experts in the health and wellness space for cooking classes, panel discussions, journaling and meditation workshops, a manicure bar, yoga and barre classes and mocktail-faking workshops.

A special selection of STORY at Macy’s wellness product will also be available on, curated by the three focus areas. From a lavender mimosa candle by Paddywax in “balanced” and collapsible foam roller by Brazyn Life in “energized” to a mocktail faking kit by Luckies of London in “nourished,” online shoppers will be able to discover something new.

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