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Media company has been making significant moves in the licensing industry by scoring many high profile deals in record time.

Generation Alpha is a force. They're entirely digital and instinctively know how to use an iPad and smartphone to consume content. For some Gen Alpha kidfluencers, being digitally savvy is lucrative.

One of the top kidfluencers around is Ryan of Ryan ToysReview. At just eight years old, his YouTube channel has more than 18 million subscribers and earned up to $22 million in 2018, according to Forbes. His popularity from the YouTube channel led to a toy licensing deal that brought product to the shelves of Walmart, Target and Amazon last summer. The Ryan's World toy line consists of 13 items and includes figures, plush toys and slime kits.

Ryan's World became more global through licensing. In October, Centa IP was named licensing agent for the U.K., Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. The lineup of partners includes Vivid (toys), Cooneen (underwear and nightwear) and Ultimate Source (games and proprietary products). Other partners include HeadStart (toys); Planet Fun, Caprice and Hot Springs (apparel); Showtime Attractions (costume characters); Five Mile (publishing) and Bensons (carnival).

This year, Ryan's World has named more licensing partners in the U.S. Just Play will create playsets, a range of role play/dress-up clothing, musical instruments and seasonal products including inflatables; Jada Toys is the brand's global vehicle partner; Kids Preferred will create wooden toys including trains and puzzles that are scheduled to launch this fall; American Greetings will make Ryan's World social expressions and seasonal goods in categories like swirl décor, activity kits including stickers and characters to color and a 48-piece pack of favors and Zak Designs will launch themed home product such as dinnerware, water bottles and other items in the spring. Accessory Innovations, Komar Kids, High Point, Handcraft, Fun World, Sun-Staches, Idea Nuova, Far Out Toys and Walmart will also roll out lines of Ryan's World apparel, Halloween items, back-to-school products, homeware, accessories, seasonal toys and wheeled goods.

This summer, Colgate will create a line of Ryan's World oral care products that include exclusive collectible toys.

Guiding Ryan into the licensing stratosphere is media company Launched in 2017, the company creates, acquires, distributes and curates content for kids ages 2 to 11 and presents it across all platforms. In order to reach its audiences with authentic material, has partnered with a small group of social media personalities (or as the company calls them: creators) to make material that will resonate with Gen Alpha...

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