U.S., Canadian Toy Groups Partner

The Canadian Toy Association and the U.S.-based Toy Industry Association have entered into a new affiliation agreement.

The new, formal relationship between the two non-profit trade groups is designed to strengthen the synergies between the Northern American neighbors.

Beginning July 1, CTA will become an affiliate of TIA. Under the terms of the initial three-year agreement, any TIA member with operations or sales in Canada will be eligible for CTA membership at no additional charge; CTA members–including distributors–will also become eligible for membership in TIA. A representative of each organization will sit on the leadership committee of the other body.

TIA will provide financial support for CTA’s advocacy activities and operational programs such as public relations, education and information services, networking and the promotion of toy sales in the Canadian market.

The TIA-hosted American International Toy Fair and Fall Toy Preview events will also be enhanced to offer U.S. and Canadian toy companies and retailers targeted business development opportunities, greater efficiency and cost-savings. CTA will no longer organize or host any trade fair or toy marketplace event.

“TIA and CTA will be working together to support members of the toy industry in new and improved ways,” says John Gessert, chairman, TIA, and president and chief executive officer, American Plastic Toys. “In important areas such as advocacy and regulatory affairs, for example, we’ll be able to better represent the toy industry’s interests with aligned voices to the U.S. and Canadian governments.”