National Trust, CJ Wildlife Team to Protect Wildlife

The National Trust and CJ Wildlife have collaborated on a range of products with the view of enhancing both brands’ goal to protect wildlife.

The National Trust and CJ Wildlife have teamed to develop a new collaboration that will highlight licensed products, with every purchase benefiting National Trust projects.

The new collaboration is named For The Love of Nature. It comes after months in lockdown that has seen the U.K. emerge with a new-found appreciation for open spaces, gardens and national heritage sites.

“We are thrilled to be working with CJ Wildlife and sharing the expertise they bring for the future prosperity of our nation’s wildlife,” says Becky Stanford, brand licensing manager, National Trust. “This collection will allow our supporters to provide safe environments for wildlife in their own gardens and experience the joy that seeing wildlife flourish brings.”

The collaboration includes a five year agreement, in which CJ Wildlife has pledged a minimum of £775,000 support, starting at £75,000 per year and rising to £240,000 in year five.

“We are delighted to now be working with the National Trust and are very proud of the licensed product range we are launching,” says Claire Smith, chief officer, partnerships, products and business development, CJ Wildlife. “Both of our organizations are passionate about supporting wildlife and caring for the places where it can thrive. We look forward to the coming years and the difference we can make together directly for our wildlife and more indirectly by sparking joy in people who connect more with nature.”

Using FSC-certified timber and several products made from recycled materials, these products will be rolled out across garden centers, supermarkets, pet shops, gift shops and other major retailers through 2020.

The deal extends the National Trust brand, which was recently leveraged for a line of puzzles from Wentworth.

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