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Lemon Ribbon Taps Glue Creative Thinking for U.K. Licensing

Lemon Ribbon already has programs in the U.S., Spain, China, Russia and Taiwan.

Lemon Ribbon has teamed with Glue Creative Thinking to  strategically expand Lemon Ribbon through licensed product and brand collaborations.

Together they will work with influential children’s brands and licensees that complement the Lemon Ribbon aesthetic. Lemon Ribbon and Glue Creative Thinking will look to bring families closer together with the characters Lion, Panda, Cat, Bunny, Monster and Croc. With licensed product already available across eleven countries, including the U.S., Spain, China, Russia and Taiwan with licensees such as Adalberto, K Stationary and NICI, these characters are already awaiting a warm welcome in the U.K.

“The team and I have been keen to work with Glue for some time now,” says Edward Weale, director, Lemon Ribbon. “Though it’s certainly been an unnerving couple of months for all, we’re ready and excited to welcome the wider U.K. market to the world of Lemon Ribbon. We hope our inclusive, cheerful messaging will enlighten and educate both parent and child.”

Glue Creative Thinking are actively building the Lemon Ribbon licensed portfolio, starting with a three-year comprehensive strategy. Glue is excited to bring this to life the brand and is interested in speaking with licensees and brands to join.         

“We’ve been huge fans of Lemon Ribbon Studio for a while,” says Carla Bowden, founder and director, Glue Creative Thinking. “We are so thrilled and honored we’re on this journey with them to expand the Lemon Ribbon brand here in the U.K. It’s an incredibly relevant brand right now. Their creative, cheerful and educational messages are enchanting and uplifting. We can’t wait to see it come to life through product!”

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