F2D2 Hosts French Brand Awards


The French Licensing Federation has announced the nominees for the second annual French Brands Awards.

Voting will close Monday, and a ceremony announcing the winners will be held at the Kazachok Fair April 17. This year’s nominees are:

Best License of the Year:

  • Astérix (Albert René Editions)
  • Monster High (Mattel)
  • Skylanders (CPLG)

Best Communication/Promotion:

  • Betty Boop (Biplano)
  • Oasis (TLC)
  • Star Wars (TLC)

Best Product Innovation:

  • Gulli Tablet (Gulli interactive)
  • Orangina by Haribo (TLC)
  • Ragid Rabid by Meccano (CPLG)

Art & Design:

  • Keith Haring (Biplano)
  • Space Invaders (CPLG)
  • Teo Jasmin (Teo Jasmin)


  • The Rolling Stones (Universal)
  • Audrey Hepburn (TLC)

Corporate Brand:

  • Banania (Nutrial)
  • Gulli (Gulli Interactive)
  • Moulin Rouge (Moulin Rouge)


  • Ice Age 4 (CPLG)
  • One Piece (Toei)
  • Star Wars (TLC)

Sport :

  • WRC (CPLG)
  • Fédération Française de Football (CPLG)

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