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Seltzer Licensing to Squeeze Juicy Juice, Sunny D Deals

Seltzer Licensing will work with the brands to create relevant licensing programs.

Harvest Hill Beverage Company, owner of beverage brands SUNNYD, Juicy Juice and Daily’s Cocktails, has engaged New York-based Seltzer Licensing Group to help expand its line of beverages into new product categories.

“We have strong beverage brands with a high degree of consumer trust and loyalty enabling them to extend beyond their core offerings,” says Ilene Bergenfeld, chief marketing officer, Harvest Hill Beverage Company. “We are confident and excited that the Seltzer Licensing team’s expertise and experience will result in an all-around successful partnership.”

Seltzer Licensing Group will work closely with the teams at SUNNYD, Juicy Juice and Daily’s to secure new licensing partners across multiple categories. Categories include apparel and accessories, health and beauty, snack, frozen novelty and other food and beverages.

“The SUNNYD, Juicy Juice and Daily’s brands come with high consumer recognition and loyalty, posing excellent opportunities for licensing,” says Nick Manzo, account director, Seltzer Licensing Group. “The iconic SUNNYD brand is deeply rooted in pop culture and has a retro appeal to today’s Gen Z-ers. Juicy Juice has been enjoyed by families for more than 40 years and is a highly respected brand trusted by moms. Daily’s, specifically, the ready-to-drink alcoholic beverage pouches, has a strong following among adult beverage consumers. Through our partnership with Harvest Hill brand teams, we’re excited to build successful licensing programs that will appeal to existing brand fans and capture the attention of a new generation of consumers.”

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