Klondike Game Answers Iconic Question


It is now possible to actually find out what someone would do for a Klondike bar, in a new board game from All Things Equal and Klondike.

The new game features hundreds of challenges in the name of the iconic slogan including coming up with new uses for bacon, asking for a date while grunting like a caveman and answering trivia questions. Players compete to win Klondike bar tokens in six flavors.

“A Klondike bar is the ultimate symbol for everything we crave, but which we can only obtain through sheer will and determination,” says Eric Poses, president, All Things Equal. “The comedic nature of that sacrifice and the randomness with which people approach the Klondike slogan provides the perfect foundation for a memorable game night.”

The What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar board game is now available on Amazon and will debut at Fred Meyer, Target, Toys ‘R’ Us and other retailers later this year.