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C3 Plans Three Stooges Hot Sauce


C3 Entertainment has announced a new deal with Mo Hotta Mo Betta for Three Stooges-branded hot sauces and barbeque sauce.

Mo Hotta Mo Betta will initially come to market with three hot sauces, one for each of the stooges, with BBQ sauce set to debut at a later date. Each sauce will feature unique imagery, with a variety of recipe blends and heat factors available across the range.

“We are excited that Mo Hotta Mo Betta will create new Three Stooges products with a unique blend of spice, flavor and fun for Three Stooges fans and consumers alike,” says Ani Khachoian, executive vice president, licensing and consumer products, C3. “What better consumer product for Larry, Moe and Curly than to spice up everyone’s life with Three Stooges Hot Sauces?”