Beanstalk Takes on Tapas Bar


Spanish tapas restaurant La Tasca has appointed Beanstalk to extend its brand into mainstream retail in the U.K.

The first product to come from the partnership will be food extensions inspired by head chef Antony Bennett’s most popular dishes. Beanstalk will also look for partners in non-food classifications such as cookware, publishing and gift items.

La Tasca currently has 42 restaurants across the U.K. and five in the U.S.

“As the casual dining destination for authentic Spanish cuisine in the U.K., the brand is extremely well-placed to take some of the restaurant’s favorite dishes into supermarket distribution, allowing consumers to share the La Tasca tapas experience at home with family and friends,” says Ciarán Coyle, president, Beanstalk, Europe and Asia Pacific. “As consumers look to recreate authentic dining experiences at home, La Tasca is well placed to bring the vibrancy and color of Spanish food and culture into new categories on the high-street. La Tasca is an exciting client for Beanstalk as we continue to grow our portfolio of food and restaurant brands.”