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Beanstalk Crafts Chewits Fragrance Deal

Confectionery company Cloetta has teamed with RTC Direct to bring the candy brand Chewits to the home fragrance category, in a partnership developed by the brand’s exclusive licensing agency, Beanstalk.

RTC Direct will create candles, air fresheners and air diffusers that capture the distinct scent of Chewits’ signature flavors such as strawberry and “xtreme” sour apple.

“The category allows us to harness the scent of the core Chewits range and leverage it into a tangible consumer offering that gives fans additional opportunities to interact with the Chewits brand in a fun new way,” says Hollie Kozakiewicz, consumer marketing manager, Cloetta U.K.

The collection will launch in the U.K. this fall.

“2014 is an exciting year for the Chewits brand as debut extensions in gift, publishing and home fragrance roll out at retail, creating new ways for Chewits fans to enjoy their favorite confectionery brand,” says Lisa Reiner, managing director, Beanstalk, Europe and Asia Pacific. “The Chewits candles collection interprets the brand’s unique flavors into scents that will sweeten every room.”